In-App Advertising


Due to the growth and development of smart phone capabilities, users can easily and rapidly access the apps. The high volume of app traffic has created a great opportunity to display ads, as well as the app are the single media app which you are able to target users of a specific operating system.

DMC affects users by displaying ads in video formats and banner ads.

In-App Banner Ads 


The display of banners in the applications and in the popular domestic and international games is targeted to attract the attention of a large number of application users.

In this case, your banner ads will be displayed at certain places designed in the applications.


– Access to up to 7,500 apps

– Access to more than 28 million Android users

– Access to all cafebazaar apps

– View daily … In-app banner


Targeting: Subject, Geography, Time, Cellular Operator, Operating System

In-App Video Ads


Targeted display of in-app video ads is in the form of expandable banner and video pre-roll as a preview of the various stages of the app. Based on experience, video advertising within apps has an extraordinary effect on users.


– Access to more than 65,000 publisher apps.

– Access to more than 28 million Android users.

– Access to all the apps in the CafeBazaar.


Target: Subject, Geography, Time, Cellular Operator, Operating System

Smart Media buy

All you need in digital world is here. DMC presents a specific digital strategy for your digital activities. There is no beforehand package or media for businesses therefore, we’ll choose and buy the best platforms for your digital advertising.


We are a center with limitless access to all digital media.

DMC provides most useful media for different types of businesses. With buying most efficient digital media based on market researches and experiences, we help our clients to meet their target audiences at the right moment and right place.