DMC provides Advertising in all the Digikala media, based on a targeted program and plan, displaying the ads of the suppliers of the goods to this store, efficiently in the specific places for advertisement on this powerful media.

As the most popular Farsi-language digital store in the world, with a wide range of audiences, Today Digikala, as a platform for introducing brands and their products, has the potential to enter the world of online advertising and is offering services beyond an online store. That’s why advertising in the Digikala is like displaying products in the showcase of a great and popular store.

Digikala Website

Businesses and brands which sell their goods as a vendor for Digikala online store, can increase their sales by launching ads on this website. As more digital users are using this website for online purchases, the more your ads are exposed therefore the more likely you will increase the sales of your products.

To accomplish this, DMC displays banner ads based on a coherent and targeted strategy in the right places.

In this process, audiences who are potential customers of products are identified and targeted; as well as identifying appropriate ad spaces, product advertisements are implemented in the best possible way.

Also, presence in this media indirectly increases the power of public mind control and allows crisis management and improves the brand credibility.

Digikala Mag and Digikala TV


Digikala Mag, with the release of the latest news and information on technology and the introduction of new products and the possibility of reviewing them, has a great potential for publishing PR and the latest news about businesses and brands that supply digital products.

Also, the display banners on Digimag’s special spaces can affect many audiences; DMC has the capability of the broadcasting of targeted promotional videos on the Digikala TV.

  • – Access to thousands of online journalists and online media across the country
  • – Provide news feeds at the domestic media level
  • – Access to more than 700,000 journalists and foreign media
  • – Publish news in the world’s largest news agencies and media
  • – Release the news simultaneously in the Google News.


Target: subject, geography, time

Digikala App


The Digikala application is popular among many users because it offers many opportunities, discounts and new products. The presence of digital advertising of the suppliers in the form of display ads and targeted plans, presents their products more than before for the users.

It also sends push notifications to users through the app. Notifications that are sent to the target mobile users according to the mobile phone operating system, operator type, mobile phone type, geolocation, age, and gender.

Advertisement on Digikala Social Media


Digikala social media channels are a great media for marketing with special audiences who follow this channels for purchases/

DMC shows your content in Digikala social media channels like telegram and Instagram based on a strategy to promote your products or services.

Smart Media buy

All you need in digital world is here. DMC presents a specific digital strategy for your digital activities. There is no beforehand package or media for businesses therefore, we’ll choose and buy the best platforms for your digital advertising.


We are a center with limitless access to all digital media.

DMC provides most useful media for different types of businesses. With buying most efficient digital media based on market researches and experiences, we help our clients to meet their target audiences at the right moment and right place.