Social Media

Social media marketing


Bring your content to the social networks and target the huge amount of social media users.

Number of social media users shows the power of this platform.

Your audiences are already there and influence by different brands and businesses through social media and that’s why you should be there, listen to the users, target your audiences and convert them to the costumers!

Social media advertising within 30 percentage of online traffic is a complete game changer in marketing.

DMC with an unlimited access to social media channels and platforms and using the experience and knowledge of social media specialists provides all you need for effective social media activities.

Influencer Marketing


Influencers know the social media users and they know that how should communicate with them in the best way. They are popular and important in digital world and actually they are the media.

DMC with full access to social media influencers, after checking brands values, suggests most effective and relevant influencers according to the businesses goals and social media statics

DMC categorized influencers based on their engagement rate and occupation with access to their insights.

Advertising on popular social media channels


With limitless access to the effective Instagram and telegram channels. you can bring your content among the innumerable social media users.

DMC provides the best platforms and suggest the most effective channels to promote your advertising content in social media.


Instagram sponsor ad


Instagram sponsor ad is one of the best way for impress social media users.

Using sponsor ad let you target your exact audiences on Instagram and show your visual content to the right audiences.

With Instagram sponsor ad you can link your post to your website or anywhere you want which is gold on Instagram.

DMC as the first and biggest digital media agency in Iran, provides this service for Iranian businesses for the first time.

Smart Media buy

All you need in digital world is here. DMC presents a specific digital strategy for your digital activities. There is no beforehand package or media for businesses therefore, we’ll choose and buy the best platforms for your digital advertising.


We are a center with limitless access to all digital media.

DMC provides most useful media for different types of businesses. With buying most efficient digital media based on market researches and experiences, we help our clients to meet their target audiences at the right moment and right place.