On daily basis, audiences of different businesses are spending a certain amount of time on websites which they are interested on their topics, or refer to them according to their career situations and education level.

DMC displays your ads to target users and website audiences in two ways.

Display Ads on Publisher’s Websites

All publisher websites have specific positions for displaying banner ads, as well as in mobile versions of their websites. DMC with unlimited access to these special places, displays banner ads in targeted publisher’s websites related to the field of business activity, aimed at attracting their audience’s attention.


– Monthly display of 18 billion banners on international websites

– View more than 10 billion banners on domestic websites

– Access to over 190,000 displaying websites


Targeting: subject, geography, time

Video Ads


DMC’s access to proper places for displaying video ads on websites allows you to easily make videos viral by displaying them on related websites. Video ads on websites are displayed in two ways. In the first method, expandable banners which are expanding banners containing videos and second one is pre-roll, displaying them as previews of related videos for users and target audiences to watch.

– Access to over 15,000 users and video viewers

– Daily 5,000,000 video ads

Targeting: subject, geography, time, mobile phone operating system

Smart Media buy

All you need in digital world is here. DMC presents a specific digital strategy for your digital activities. There is no beforehand package or media for businesses therefore, we’ll choose and buy the best platforms for your digital advertising.


We are a center with limitless access to all digital media.

DMC provides most useful media for different types of businesses. With buying most efficient digital media based on market researches and experiences, we help our clients to meet their target audiences at the right moment and right place.