DMC Services

To design and implement effective advertising and marketing campaigns to grow your business.

Marketing Strategy

To design and formulate a coherent strategy for the success and effective presence of brands in digital media, DMC examines the status of businesses in full, taking into account all the details. In this case, a specific strategy is developed for the client, and all advertising activities and digital reappraisal are done.

Market analysis

Campaign Design and execution

User behavior analysis


Content Production & Development

Content that differs in various media formats represents the value and beliefs of your brand, DMC, with full knowledge of digital media and user behavior, creates creative, appropriate and targeted content at the right time and place for target audiences. We can also set up and develop your website or application at DMC, which will be available to you with the help of experienced experts and the most up-to-date techniques.

Digital Friendly Production

Video Content production

Contextual content (Blog, PR,…)

Environment Ad designs

Website Development

Art Direction

Conclusion: Branding in the digital environment and establishing lasting communication with Internet users through the production and promotion of creative, targeted and specific content.


Media Buying & Advertising

DMC is not a media owner, but we have access to all Iranian and many international media networks. We choose targeted media to the objectives of your campaign and continually optimize so that brand advertising is completely effective for your target audience. This kind of context is needed to reach measurable and targeted goals so that users become brand audiences and loyal customers.

Media Planning & Buying

Web & Social Advertising

Video Marketing (Pre-roll)

Google Adwords (SEM)

Push Notification

Press Release

Monitoring, Analysis & Optimization

Conclusion: Access to target audiences at an appropriate time and place, to increase conversion rates and implement promotional and marketing campaigns effectively to achieve goals.

Advertising Capabilities


million views


thousand clicks


million video views

Social Media Marketing

Now, the importance of social networking has been proven for all business fields, and all brands are seeking to engage with their audience on social networks, and for this reason, its critical for small and big companies to be consistently active on social media. Based on the knowledge and experience of our experts and the use of the latest social media tactics and access to over 200 Influencers on social networks, DMC offers these services to build a popular brand:

Social Media Management

Influencer marketing

Social Media Advertising

Monthly Content Plan

Use of New Tools and Trends

Conclusion: Creating a sincere, sustained, and uninterrupted relationship with audiences and build a proper social environment for implementing effective marketing campaigns.


Event Planning

Organizing ceremonies and celebrations will provide a good opportunity for effective communication for businesses and brands, and on the other hand, it will be an ideal opportunity for brands to introduce their products and services to their customers and their customers in an environment that is appropriate.

With diverse and diverse applications with attractive locations, DMC is ready to provide all services for organizing ceremonies and corporate divisions.

Theme and Venue design

Hosting and Catering

Event Entertainment

Event Content Creation

Guest list preparation

Conclusion: A new, different and enjoyable experience for the brand, its audience and its customers

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